Dell HQ Now Officially 100% Green

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Dell Computer’s head offices in Round Rock Texas is a 2.1 million square foot spread that, as of yesterday, became powered by 100% green energy. 60% of this is generated by wind energy, while the remaining 40% comes from a technology developed by Waste Management called gas-to-energy. This process takes gas (mostly methane) from landfill sites and channels it into engines that drive a generator that produces power for nearby buildings. Dell is one of the first companies to jump on board this disgusting new energy source, but are also taking an innovative approach to running their facilities.

Dell’s goal is to become carbon neutral in 2008, and their site in Twin Falls, Idaho has already been redesigned to run entirely on renewable energy. While most technology companies are promoting the safe disposal of their products at the end of their lifecycle, the President of Dell, Paul Bell, is encouraging technological advancements be made not only in the products that are being sold, but in the premises where they are being built as well.

No word yet on whether recycling will drive the cost of garbage-energy up, but hopefully the idea to ‘make the best of your garbage’ doesn’t spring landfills up in more cities for the sake of lower energy costs.


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