Hitting news stands today is a new issues of Newsweek with the headline “Who’s The Greenest Of Them All?” The title refers to the 2008 Presidential candidates, and addresses the issue that neither McCain, Clinton or Obama have been endorsed by any environmental advocacy groups. The most obvious reason is that environmental groups are likely to endorse a Democrat, and to do so before one is officially chosen could harm their public image. However, Newsweek raises the question that maybe they have yet to be endorsed by any environmental groups because the environment is going to be such a big issue in the months preceding the election, and the jury is still out on whose plan is the strongest.

While Clinton and Obama have both supported energy efficiency plans in the senate, McCain falls slightly behind their voting records, but still supports environmental legislation. In 2003, McCain introduced a bill that supported the regulation of carbon emissions – a strong step for a Republican, as it directly opposed the Bush Administration’s environmental plans.

Although there has yet to be a leading environmental contender in the ’08 Presidential race, it is bound to become a very important issue once the Democrats begin butting heads with the Republicans. Keep track of this issue as it develops, and Green issues from other governments around the world, through the Politics category in the right-hand navigation bar, and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Newsweek on sale today.

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