Vincent Callebaut Design
What’s one way to fight against the smog in Paris? Build a self-sustaining green building above one of the canals. Not only will this give travellers and city-dwellers a place to spend some time, but it will also create an enormous amount of awareness about the need for establishing buildings like this in many other cities around the world. Vincent Callebaut‘s design takes advantage of both wind and solar energy to power the building, and even plans to have the space to develop housing in its facilities.

The anti-smog building’s “Solar Drop” can generate enough heat from its photovoltaic roof to keep the building self-cleaning and helps reduce air pollution, while the “Wind Tower” wraps like a helix ribbon around the building that stands over 45 m tall.

The implementation of such a revolutionary modern building into a traditional area of Paris may be a bit of a contrast to the outsider, but it should actually be seen as a bridge from the past to the future, and a path to sustainable development that cities around the world will be able to adopt.

More Photos available at Vincent Callebaut Architecture.

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