Sun Chips – Staying True To Their Name

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You would never expect it, but outside of the Frito-Lay manufacturing facility, there is a field of solar concentrators that are being prepared to start generating power April 21st in order to help make – you guessed it – Sun Chips. This isn’t going to be any secret, though. If anything, it’s a great PR tactic to use in their new advertising campaign, that is supposed to “encourage consumers to take their own small steps to live a brighter life.”

The launch will come just in time for Earth Day on April 22nd, and to celebrate, the company plans to run a solar-powered print ad (explanation after the cut) in newspapers, and a solar-powered billboard in California.

If you’re wondering how a newspaper can have a solar-powered print campaign, it is merely a page of the paper that, if held up to the sun, will display the Sun Chips’ new message, as part of their “Live Brightly” campaign that is being kicked off this month. The billboard, on the other hand, will appear differently throughout the day, depending on the intensity of the sun’s rays.

Although supporting solar energy endeavors is the primary goal of Sun Chips’ campaign, they also are going to begin printing information about the Center For Resource Solutions’ “Green-e” Logo to identify that they purchase renewable energy certificates.

Tip of the hat to Sun Chips for finding a new way to keep their brand fresh, clean, and at the forefront of the environmental movement that so many corporations are fighting to join up with.

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