London’s Olympic Sized Wind Turbine

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London 2012I’m not a big fan of the Olympics. Too many events rely on jumping. But admittedly, the 2012 Olympics in London are going to be interesting. Last week the Olympic council unveiled a new design for a turbine called ‘the Angel of Leyton’ that will stand 130m tall and will produce enough energy to power 1,000 homes in one year. Construction is starting later this year, with the plan to have it completed by 2010 in order to produce cleaner energy 2 years before the thing with the torch (Opening Ceremonies?), and maybe even to help power the construction of the rest of the park.Because of the huge construction of this turbine and the relatively short time period of the games, the main use of the turbine is going to be to power the surrounding areas that will continue to prosper in the Olympic park long after the athletes have gone home (assuming it doesn’t follow the same route as Montréal).Local housing is planned to be constructed, and because of the park’s close proximity to central London, some overflow of power generation may affect the city directly, and may be one of the only things I remember about the Olympics after they’re over.

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