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If you’re planning a gas-guzzling trip anytime soon and want to keep your conscience clean, check out the new Green Travel Hub by Rezhub for one stop access to help you book environmentally conscious hotels, green rental cars and flights, or to read up on other travellers’ green stories on their blogs or forum.

Not only is their advice helpful in finding the best way to travel and leave the smallest carbon footprint, but part of the cost of every trip is also donated to an earth friendly organization.

The Green Travel Hub selection for hotels highlights some of the most travelled to destinations among the Caribbean, North America, and Europe, as well as provides tips to travellers for ways to make a difference at the hotel that they decide to stay at. For example,

Let housekeeping know that you don’t need them to replace your sheets and towels every day; this will reduce energy AND water usage.

The travel hub encourages drivers to choose Hybrid or FlexFuel vehicles, and their Green Flights program is based around offsetting your carbon footprint.

The tips and links alone are worth checking out for any environmentally conscious traveller, but a lot of the ideas can be used on a day to day basis.

So if you decide to travel a little greener, why not live a little greener too?

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