Plastic Khakis: 14 million plastic bottles made into pants

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Its the one year anniversary of the Haggar Clothing Co. K Life Khaki™ brand. The eco-friendly LK Life Khaki pants are made with a blend of cotton and REPREVE® fibers.

Wondering what REPREVE fibers are? It’s an essential fabric ingredient that contains recycled materials—one such recycled materials includes plastic bottles. The brand reveals that each pant contains seven recycled plastic bottles and it has been estimated that in the first year, more than 14 million plastic bottles have been recycled.

“With the LK Life Khaki line, we set out with the intent of reaching a younger consumer by way of new products that fit his lifestyle with the added benefit of being eco-friendly,” said Michael Stitt, CEO of Haggar, in a statement.  “Not only did we get his attention, but also a larger share of his closet, which is reflective of the significant growth trend that we are experiencing within this brand.”

The environmental significance of plastic khakis does not merely lie in the 14 million recycled plastic bottles. The fact that consumers are willingly purchasing clothing with recycled products sends a message loud and clear that consumers are ready for greener alternatives, or at the very least, consumers don’t mind green options.

What’s more, if plastic bottles can successfully make a pair of pants, then the options are endless for what other items can be made from plastic bottles. “Our work with the LK Life Khaki brand is an exciting opportunity to educate the consumer that plastic bottles don’t belong in landfills; they can be recycled into products like casual clothes, performance apparel, socks and even car interiors,” said Roger Berrier, president and COO for Unifi, the makers of REPREVE, in a press release.

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