TOMI OTEE: the sustainable choice for golf apparel

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Tomi Otee sustainable golf apparel

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Here at Greener Ideal, we’re not only about delivering the latest environmental news and eco-gadgets on the market. We also like to show our support for companies and individuals that support the philosophies of Greener Ideal’s founders and readers.

That philosophy centres around socially-responsible living, with a desire to protect the Earth and the inhabitants within it. Whether those inhabitants are the lush forests of Canada, the vulnerable creatures of the Amazon rainforest, or the hard-working farmers of the U.S. Midwest – we here at Greener Ideal like to celebrate the beauty of all life forms around us.

Given that philosophy, we’d like to show our appreciation for one of Greener Ideal’s latest partners.

TOMI OTEE is one of our favourite brands for sustainable golf wear. We like this company because its products are inspired by the connection athletes have with the natural beauty that surrounds them. We think it’s a particularly fitting connection for avid golfers, who spend so much time putt’ing amidst the tranquility of the ‘green’!

TOMI OTEE’s fashionable golfwear is all about taking care of our precious environment – while making sure you look fabulous at the same time. From the polo shirts to the Bermuda shorts, the company uses only eco-friendly fabrics in its clothing lines.

Tomi Otee

One notable aspect of the company’s apparel design is the golfer’s quiver. That’s the unique pocket for tees on the left sleeve that they’ve seamlessly integrated into the design of their shirts.

TOMI OTEE also prides itself as a ‘local company’. All of their shorts are going to be manufactured in New York City. And beginning in 2013, all their shirts will be made in the Big Apple as well. This move will make TOMI OTEE the only golf apparel company that fully integrates the most important elements of its supply chain domestically.

And, are you tired of picking through different price points while shopping online? Well, TOMI OTEE’s shirts are all priced the same: A $70 retail tag with free shipping to boot. So you don’t need to think about the price or value of the shirts. Just pick the ones you like and get them shipped for free. In as little as two days, you’re ready to put one on and play some golf!

And of course, every company that Greener Ideal supports must have a willingness to better its community. TOMI OTEE is a huge believer in charity involvement and education. That’s why it’s a partner of the First Tee of Met NY. The group’s mission is to instill self-confidence and healthy values in young people through the game of golf.

TOMI OTEE is currently sold in the US and South Korea. The brand will be available in Europe in 2013 as well!

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