Bullfrog Power to provide clean energy to Canadian film festivals

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Going to the movies has been a treasured experience for decades. Whether it’s catching a matinee with your kids, treating your date to a romantic flick, or maybe watching that indie film during an afternoon alone – movies are at the heart of our entertainment culture.

But often, we don’t consider the energy required to power these experiences. From the lighting, to the ticketing booths, to the carousel-like machines that make your popcorn – a tremendous amount of energy is needed to keep it going all year round.

That’s why Canadian communities are powering a number of film festivals with green energy from Bullfrog Power. And this fall season, there will be no shortage of events for movie-lovers across the country.

The Viewfinders Film Festival in Halifax and the Calgary International Film Festival are just some of the events that Bullfrog will “energize”. Meanwhile: From October 10-14, Bullfrog will inject clean energy into the grid in Canada’s largest city (Toronto) for the Planet in Focus Film Festival.

Bullfrog is a 100% green energy provider. The company has offices in major cities throughout Canada – and offers homes and businesses clean, renewable energy solutions.

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