soma compostable water filter

If you need one more reason to ditch plastic water bottles for good, it’s got to be the slick design of the new Soma water jug, with filters that can be composted. Soma’s carafe is glass, rather than plastic, and the biodegradable filters ensure that the water jug has the smallest environmental impact possible once it leaves the store’s shelf.

Soma says this about their 100% biodegradable filter:

Soma’s all-natural filter is made from Malaysian coconut shell carbon, four layers of fine silk, and a plantbased filter casing. Use it for two months, then just drop it in your greens bin when you’re done

And to encourage Soma owners to replace their filters on time, the company ships them right to your door every 60 days.

One of the best parts about the company is its charitable efforts through a partnership with charity : water.

You can buy Soma online for $49, with replaceable filters shipped every 60 days for $12.99.

via Fast Company

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