6 Solar Panel Myths Debunked

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With the shadow of the potential consequences of climate change failing to dissipate, couple with soaring energy prices in recent years, the need to identify a better way of producing our power is as pressing as ever.

Solar PV technology is already being utilised by many homes and businesses across the UK however it has still not convinced everyone. Read on as SolarTech busts the top 6 myths that surround solar panels.


Myth #1: It’s too expensive.

The Reality:  Although buying a solar PV system can be pricey, there are a number of government backed schemes that are designed to ease the burden on households.

The recently launched Green Deal gives families the chance to install solar panels in their homes through a loan that is paid back from the savings made on energy bills – essentially making them free – while the Feed-in Tariff (Fit) incentive scheme means that a well designed solar panel system can pay for itself in around seven years.


Myth #2: They don’t work in cloudy and cold climates.

The Reality: Energy producing technology that relies on sunlight sounds as though it might struggle somewhat in the UK, however it is the radiation from the sun rather than temperature that allows for photovoltaic generation.

Although it is true that they work better in the sunniest regions they still work effectively in cloudy conditions so there is no reason UK residents can’t enjoy the benefits of solar panels.


Myth #3: Solar panels are hard to maintain.

The Reality: With no moving parts solar panels in fact require hardly any maintenance at all while the most fragile element of the system, the inverter, lasts for around ten years.

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The only thing you do need to ensure is that they stay free of dust, but as long as you live in a rainy climate such as the UK, they should stay clean.


Myth #4: The efficiency of solar panels is still too low.

The Reality: Solar panel technology is improving year-on-year, so although this may have been true when the systems first came on the market, today solar PV is an effective way of generating your domestic energy.


Myth #5: Solar panels won’t last 20 years.

The Reality: The standard accepted lifespan of solar panels is between 20 and 25 years, so it is possible that some would need to replaced slightly earlier, however there are some installations that were first constructed in the 1970s that are still in operation today.


Myth #6: Solar panels are unattractive.

The Reality: Of course this comes down to peoples’ own personal preferences somewhat, but modern solar panels don’t have to look unsightly, appearing more like sky lights when they are fitted flush to the roof.

Their sleek and contemporary styling will actually look right at home on many properties, so the aesthetics really shouldn’t be an issue for many.

There will always be doubts over energy efficiency technology in terms of whether it produces enough energy to make it worthwhile, but it is important that when making a purchasing decision that we avoid paying heed to the myths and instead concentrate on the reality.

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  1. What is the true cost of power produced from fossil fuels? What you see is not what it is. There is no question that pollution produced by fossil fuels is the cause of much of the illness we all experience and the cost of the associated treatments is very high. All that cost needs be added to fossil fuel energy costs. When those costs are added in the costs of fossil fuels may be even more than energy from solar, wind turbines, and various water power sustems. It is time to look at the full truth.


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