Oxford Properties installs real-time energy dashboard at Toronto’s Royal Bank Plaza

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We all know that turning off the lights and appliances in your home/office before heading out is a good thing. As intelligent beings, we can all understand the good that can come from the flicking-off of a switch.

But just how much energy can be saved, collectively, by committing to this simple task?

Well, if you live in the Toronto-area, you might want to wander over to the Royal Bank Plaza downtown. Starting September 10th, Oxford Properties will be unveiling a set of displays in the lobby to showcase real-time electricity consumption for the building. The property management company is on a mission to show the importance of reducing energy in office towers … And how, collectively, we can reduce our city’s energy footprint by engaging in simple tasks (like turning off our computers).

Oxford says tenants play a key role in up to 50% of an office building’s energy consumption based on their choices and actions.

At the Royal Bank Plaza, electricity accounts for more than 70% of the energy used there. The dashboard displays will visually paint a picture for tenants and patrons to show consumption levels throughout the day. The exhibits will then compare the levels to past performance, as well as provide tips for tenants to reduce consumption. Some of these tips include installing occupancy sensors and adjusting blinds to block out the sun on hot days.

Oxford says it’s the first property owner/manager in Canada to present real-time electricity data in a commercial building in a clear and engaging way. The company goes on to say that the dashboards project is part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable living.

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