Brilliant Anti-Littering Ad Campaign Launches in Toronto

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Anyone who lives in Toronto has seen their fair share of litter. Although it’s never as bad as it was during the summer of the garbage strike, it’s just a sad reality that a city this big is going to include some people who are too lazy to find a garbage or recycling can to get rid of their trash.

To help curb the amount of littering that happens in the city, Live Green Toronto has created a brilliant series of anti-littering ads that pair pieces of common garbage to make a statement about the people who are willing to throw it on the ground.

live green toronto selfish littering ad

live green toronto dipstick littering ad

livegreen toronto littering ad lazy

livegreen toronto littering ad dumb

littering ad livegreen toronto low life

livegreen toronto littering ad pig

#SayNoToBottledWater for Ontario’s Wellington County with a blue ribbon
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  1. This is an old article, but it would be great to see more adverts in Australia to try and promote change in peoples attitudes and habits. #cancce18


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