The Recipe For A Perfectly Sustainable Community

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Sustainable Community

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If you had the ability to build your own community, what would your ingredients be? For most, it would be one part environmental protection, one part connectivity with an emphasis on safety and part efficient homebuilders. When mixed together they make the perfect sustainable community.


One Part Environmental Protection

From the initial layout of the neighborhood, you should think about several things:

  • Designating open spaces
  • Wildlife protection
  • Storm Water Conservation

To avoid “boxing in” a community and stacking homes and shopping centers on top of each other, designate acreage that’s open space and cannot be developed. Untouched hilltops, grasslands, views of mountains and prairies will give your neighborhood breathability, and will help your community members avoid any claustrophobic sensations.

Designating open spaces is simply the foundation of the first part of a sustainable community. Open space will have a smaller impact on wildlife as well. Animals can still wander freely in their natural habitat.

Developing your community around an open space also allows for the conversation of storm water. The natural land filters the water, making it cleaner to drain in nearby lakes, rivers and streams.


One Part Connectivity and Safety

A community that connects is one that becomes sustainable for several reasons:

  • Accessible Amenities
  • Safe routes for children
  • Building a friendly community

With a thoughtfully created trail system, a community can easily be connected. Paths should allow neighbors to easily access amenities and get more involved with community events. This will help attract visitors and potential new residents looking for a community that is easily accessible, ultimately helping the community grow.

Paths and trails in a community also attract new neighbors because it helps promote a safer community. With a system of trails connecting pools, parks, schools and more, neighbors take pride and promote safety throughout the community. A safe community is one that grows.

Hand in hand with safety is old fashioned good neighborly love. This creates an atmosphere where neighbors watch over each other. Through paths and trails neighbors can connect, meet one another and develop a friendly community.


One Part Efficient Homebuilders

At the root of any sustainable community are the builders. If you’re building your community than you’ll want to include homebuilders that use the most up to date techniques in green building. The materials they use to build your homes should be sustainable, efficient resources.

  • Tile roofs
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Efficient appliances

These items help a home become efficient thus helping the community become sustainable.


Mixing the Perfect Community

With your recipe blended you’ll have a perfectly sustainable community; one that is environmentally conscious and has the ability to grow and flourish.

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