What’s Hot In Home Decoration and Interiors for 2013

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This is an article looking at some of the newest design trends currently emerging in home decoration and interior design. It considers the influence stripes, textures and green living are having on interior design, as well as changes in lifestyle.

Green Living
Eco influences are massive at the moment, with young couples considering sustainability and simplicity over showy, short-lived looks. Natural fabrics, such as organic linen and cotton, rush matting and simple Shaker styles from managed forests are high on the list of must haves. Water saving toilets and LED lighting is popular, as are recycled materials, which are just trickling into the marketplace now.

Outside In
In line with the distinctly ‘green’ feel for 2013, more people are bringing the inside out by using garden buildings to extend their living spaces. Trapped by high house moving costs and job insecurity, garden living is proving a popular alternative, with a host of beautiful models now on this growing market. Finished in cool greys and creams they provide a calm blank sheet for whoever is using them, with lots of light and warmth from solar panels.

The trend hasn’t gone away it’s just got more popular. Upcycling old furniture and improving the old is more popular than ever. The back to basics creativity has broadened in scope, with more homeowners really making items their own with fabrics and paint.

Texture is the buzzword this year, with designers turning to the tactile senses to add a sense of value and variety to their interiors. Contrasting textures seem to be a new trend, such as suede against smooth leather, soft wool against wooden furniture.

Surprisingly, florals are back with a vengeance. Once thought of as a little old-fashioned, the ‘back to basics’ feel of the year is met by floral prints and paper, particularly floral designs on a white background. They instantly add class and a pleasing sense of light and space.

Masculine Designs
You might start noticing more masculine designs appearing in showrooms and magazines in 2013. The reason? Demographics show that more and more men are working from home now, compared to previous years. Men’s desire to decorate their living spaces to more masculine tastes is being met by designers, with more sober palettes, more uniform and more regular patterns.

Another old favourite, stripes, have enjoyed a renaissance this year. Harking back to the retro fifties feel that has been popular in recent years, stripes have never really gone away. This year’s stripes are multi-coloured, with a predominance on black and white and eye-popping candy mixtures. You’ll see stripes on floors, walls and furniture, but it may be a relatively short-lived fad in the fast-changing world of interior design.

2013 is an exciting year in interiors. Not much is new, but there are plenty of new twists on old ideas. The fun has come back into designing for yourself, so have a go at doing things yourself, with a few tips from the professionals.

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