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Choosing a career path isn’t easy. There are several factors to consider, like what type of job makes you happy and how you can give back to others through your work. Eco-friendly positions are becoming more popular, particularly as we begin to understand the impact of our actions on the Earth. The following four positions might not traditionally be thought of as “green,” but they are great ways to help the environment nonetheless.


Event Planner

When you think about a wedding, party or other large event, “eco-friendly” might not be the first term that comes to mind. However, green event planners are becoming more popular, simply because the type of events they coordinate have a huge carbon footprint. These individuals are involved in all aspects of the planning process, and they do whatever they can to ensure that the event is as green as possible. This might mean contracting with local vendors, taking advantage of reusable decorations or recycling as much as possible.


Construction Worker

Green construction is much more common than you might think. Eco-friendly buildings are erected using fewer resources, like water and energy, than other properties. In addition, a priority is placed on finding recycled or renewable materials to use on site. Green builders work on both residential and commercial properties.


Automobile Engineer

Cars are not good for the environment. Among other things, they generate more than 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, more people are interested in purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles. There is an increasing demand for green automobile engineers to design vehicles that use renewable resources, like the sun or the wind. There is still much to be done to make the transition away from gas-powered vehicles a reality, however.

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When considering a legal career , you may envision yourself in a courtroom, outlining your case before a judge. However, there is much more to law than simply taking your case to trial. And, many people do not realize how many different types of law they can practice. If you enjoy speaking in public, have an analytical mind and are interested in a green job, environmental law may be the career path for you. Environmental lawyers handle everything from wildlife protection to waste cleanup. They work tirelessly on behalf of the environment, ensuring that businesses and the government do not do anything to cause harm to the Earth and the people living on it.

Many people have trouble choosing a job. After all, the career path you choose determines the course of your life for at least the next few years. If you want to enjoy what you do each day, but you want to protect the environment too, consider an eco-friendly job. There are a lot of different ways to help the Earth, so think first about what you like and what you are good at. When you have some idea of what you want to do, look for positions that allow you to “think green” while on the job.


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