5 Ecotourism Destinations you Can’t Miss

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Eco-tourist destinations have become more and more accessible for all of us over the past few years. Anyone who enjoys living in an eco-friendly environment can finally enjoy holidays in the same manner. One of the exciting things about heading off on an eco-adventure is the seemingly limitless possibilities of Mother Nature’s destinations; from sprawling jungles all the way through to the most b rightly coloured coral reefs imaginable. Here are the top 5 destinations for this year’s eco-travel holidays.


The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

This concept has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to a television documentary. What is the unique selling point of a holiday at the Ice Hotel? Apart from the fact that it is made of ice, it only exists for approximately 8 weeks every year!

The entire hotel is created from surrounding ice, cleverly formed into blocks and designed to withstand its own weight. Everything from the bar to your bed is made of solid ice – there is even sculptural ice artwork in each room that have been precisely made to fit the ambiance. Accommodation for tourists to this spectacle comes with unique rooms (everyone is different), large communal areas and of course the Northern Lights which cannot be missed!


The Island Nation Of Palau

Island of Palau

Palau is a must for any diving enthusiast and eco-traveller alike, with crystal blue waters and coral reefs that are considered one of the best in the world. The island of Palau has had a long standing history of being an eco hotspot, well before the TV show ‘Survivor’ made their base there, due to the diversity of jungle trekking and diving alike. The reef is a no-fishing zone, which helps keep the freedom of this untouched landscape alive with over 500 species of fish to see.

Palau has many small, native style hotels to stay in that have all been created within the Palau Conservation Trusts strict sustainable development guidelines. This really is the epitome of eco friendly family holidays.


The Entirety of Costa Rica

Costa Rican jungle

Costa Rica simply couldn’t be missed off the list – it is the ultimate eco-tourist destination and has held this title for many years due to its abundance of jungle, untouched beaches and eco friendly living. If you are heading there this year, then expect to see some of the densest rainforests available on our planet and of course the wildlife that comes with them. Monkeys, sloths, crocodiles and jaguars are but a few of the hundreds of species that have built their homes here. Costa Rica boasts some rich national parks that are heavily regulated to make sure they adhere to eco living guidelines and protect them from outside influence.

Again, there is a wide array of places to stay during your trip that will offer you the best possible locations to explore, relax and have fun.


Wildflower Hall, Shimla, India

Shimla, India

This is an eco spot for those of you that love a deluxe holiday mixed with an eco friendly environment. This amazingly stunning resort in Shimla was once a summer estate of the Commander in Chief to the British Army in India and has been left preserved, so when staying here you will feel like you were transported back in time. This is the perfect destination for those of us who love to spend days hiking in amongst unspoilt landscape. The grounds the boast an amazing array of pine, oak and rhododendron forests that are waiting to be explored and mile upon mile of indescribable views.


Kenya is the epitome of eco adventure

Kenya's elephants

Kenya may be last in this article, but it is often first in the minds of many ecotourism fans. It is well known for its sprawling savannas that are literally teaming with animals. Many tourists visiting Kenya head straight to the organised safaris to witness these amazing creatures. But, Kenya is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful lakes, mountains, forests and beaches known to man. I would strongly urge a trip to the Virgin Rain Forests of Kakamega for your chance to explore Kenya’s biodiversity up close and also time your trip with wild beast migration patterns to have a chance to witness these animals at their most powerful.

If you want to explore Kenya’s coast – not somewhere that tourists are commonly found, take a diving trip to view the coral reefs, or simply watch the water that is teaming with life. All tourism occurs under the Ecotourism Kenya plans and means that you will be at the heart of eco travel.

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