America’s Top 6 Green Colleges and Environmental Science Programs

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If Hurricane Sandy alerted the world to anything it was definitely the force Mother Nature can wield when she so chooses. It seems whenever a jaw-dropping natural disaster such as this one occurs, people are reminded of how powerful the Earth can be and are confronted with the fact that we may need to take better care of it.

People and businesses across the world are making changes to become ‘greener’ and more environmentally conscious, and educational organizations such as colleges are no exception. Check out this list of not only the most ‘green’ colleges in the states, but also the most renowned environmental science programs you can study…


Five ‘Greenest’ Campuses in America


1. The College of the Atlantic

This tiny college located in Maine only has a few hundred students, making it one of the smallest as well as most environmentally conscious universities in the country. The college is dedicated to teaching human ecology (how humans interact with the environment) which is what all of the students there study.

2. Oberlin College

Oberlin, in Ohio, has spent a considerable amount of time and money researching how much water and electricity its students use and informing them how they can decrease their usage, subsequently lowering these numbers significantly.

3. Harvard University

Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has a program that recycles kitchen oil and uses it to fuel university buses. They also have plans to build the most ‘green’ approved constructions of any college country-wide.

4. University of New Hampshire

UNH is the first university to run off landfill gas, and they only serve local produce in their cafeterias.

5. Stanford University

This California college made moves to reduce the amount of water that could possibly be wasted by refurnishing all of the faucets and taps on campus, saving more than 120 million gallons of water a year.


Six Top Environmental Science Programs


1. The College of the Atlantic

Already listed as one of the greenest campuses as it was the first carbon neutral college in the country, it is also one of the best universities to attend for anyone who wants to major in environmental science.

2. Duke University

Duke University in North Carolina is home to the Nicholas School of Environment and Earth Sciences and offers Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in multiple environmental science fields.

3. Northland College

At Northland College in Wisconsin environmental science isn’t only a major, but a requirement. The university also has a remarkable number of concentrations involved in the environmental science program that is sure to suit anyone interested in finding their path in this field.


The State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry offers specific and incredible eco-friendly majors, such as Forest Ecosystem Science, Paper Engineering and Wildlife Science. Any student interested in our Earth would be sure to find the perfect major for them here.

5. Green Mountain College

Another school that has made the environment the foundation of its learning, Green Mountain College in Vermont does offer traditional university majors while giving its students the chance to farm and work for the food produced by the school and served to the kids there – talk about motivational rewards!


Are you or anyone you know of interested in studying environmental science in college, if so what schools are you looking at?

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