5 Reasons to Make the Switch to a Composting Toilet

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Composting Toilet

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Composting toilets are a unique, eco-friendly way to handle waste without the need for plumbing, septic, or sewer connections.  They save water, money, and contribute toward an overall green lifestyle.  And did I mention that they are completely odorless?  From my standpoint, what’s not to love about such a unique and eco-friendly fixture?

However, in spite of my enthusiasm, I know that the idea of switching to a composting toilet system leaves many people feeling somewhat apprehensive.  For those who are on the fence, and aren’t quite sure why a composting toilet is such a good idea, we’ve compiled a list of five excellent reasons why you should consider making the switch.


1. Composting toilets are inexpensive

Granted, at a cost of around $1,500 for a good system, compost toilets aren’t necessarily cheap.  But anyone who’s looked into having a new septic tank installed knows that the cost can easily exceed $10,000.  Even replacing laterals or repairing a leach field on an existing septic system usually costs more than a brand new composting toilet.  And if you happen to live in an area that presents some geographic obstacles (for example, if you are in the mountains or in a cliff-side home that is built on solid rock), installation of a septic tank may be completely impossible.  Based on these comparisons, compost toilet systems are very affordable and inexpensive indeed.


2. Composting toilets are good for the environment

Many composting toilets use less than one pint of water per flush, and the rest are entirely waterless, which makes them a very eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet systems.  Given that freshwater shortages are on the rise, water conservation is becoming a more serious topic all the time.  It used to be that droughts only impacted those living in dry, arid climates such as the desert, but now, many other urban and suburban areas in North America are being impacted, too.  As droughts become more widespread, the need to minimize our use of freshwater will be more important than ever, making composting toilets a great choice for the environment.


3. Composting toilets are a great source of compost for your garden

As the name would suggest, composting toilets produce compost as the byproduct of handling waste.  The finished compost from a good compost toilet system will be dry, odorless, and free of illness-causing pathogens.  It is virtually indistinguishable from compost that your backyard garden composter would produce or the compost you’d buy by the bag from your local nursery or garden center.  As all gardeners know, compost (also known as “black gold”) is one of the best fertilizers in the world for plants.  Containing all the essential nutrients they need to grow and thrive, compost will produce bigger and more beautiful flowers, shrubs, trees, grass, etc.


4. Composting toilets help you prepare for the unexpected

Disaster preparedness is a pretty big topic in today’s world.  With natural disasters on the rise, homeowners want to protect themselves and their families in the event of unforeseen emergencies that could cut them off from utilities such as water and electricity.  Because composting toilets are entirely self-sufficient, requiring no water or sewer connections, they are the perfect way to ensure that your family will have access to sanitary restroom facilities even after a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster.


5. Having a composting toilet in your home is unique and makes a great conversation starter!

There’s no question that composting toilets are still pretty unique, especially in urban and suburban areas.  What better way to start a conversation or demonstrate to someone that you really are into green living than by telling them about your composting toilet?  Many compost toilet owners say that friends and visitors initially respond with surprise when they tell them about their unique toilet system, but after a little discussion and explanation, most people are quite interested and open to the idea.

If you still aren’t 100% convinced that a composting toilet is right for you, then that’s okay.  Composting toilets are definitely a big change from traditional methods of waste management, and change takes time to catch on and gain popularity.  Hopefully, as people begin to realize the importance of water conservation and the fact that compost toilets really are an affordable option, their use will begin to spread.  Who knows, composting toilets might just be the next big thing in green living.

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