Matt Damon says “Strike with me” to save water

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In a staged press conference, Matt Damon told reporters (who were really actors) that he would be protesting the lack of sanitation in developing countries.

“I’m going on strike; not from acting, that would be too easy,” he says. “A strike from going to go the bathroom.”

This video is the first of a series of YouTube videos to come for a campaign that has been created by Google, Hollywood, social-media creators and a non-profit advocacy group, The campaign, which launched on Tuesday, will last until  World Water Day on 22 March. The mission is to go viral on the internet with the help of celebrity influence, social media, and a sense of humor.

While this campaigns tactics may be humorous and borderline silly, the change its trying to make is far from it. According to  Chevenee Reavis,’s director of strategic initiatives, a child dies from water-related illness every 20 seconds and unfortunately, spewing out shocking stats didn’t attract enough attention.

Wondering what exactly are the efforts hoping to achieve? They’re hoping to raise enough awareness and passion amongst people so that pressure can be placed on Washington to revive the Water for the World Act—the act would increase funding for projects in parts of the world like Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

And it’s not your money that they want, but rather, your online identity. hopes that supporters will allow to use their social media accounts to provide personalized messages to their followers and friends so that the message can be spread.

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