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Eco-friendly beer – the green beer lover’s choice


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When people think of green beer, they may imagine a regular beer, tainted with green colouring, something that is often done to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

But, there is an even greener genre of beer that far exceeds expectations and has a much smaller impact on the earth: Eco-friendly beer!


Why the need for eco-beer?

Beer is generally brewed using a mixture of malted barley, hops and water. The brewing process can also:

The ingredients themselves need to be grown and can have large impacts on the land because of the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers, which impact the local biodiversity and help to pollute lakes, rivers and oceans.

Including the water needed to brew the beer, the water required to grow the ingredients can raise the total to anywhere between 60 and 180 litres per litre of beer produced (this isn’t so bad when we learn that it takes around 35 litres of water to make half a litre of coca-cola, and over 500 to make a litre of premium coca-cola brand orange juice, depending on where it was produced).


What puts the eco-friendly in eco-friendly beer?

An “eco-friendly” or “green” beer brewery should:

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Breweries that are pioneering the eco-friendly beer world

Until greener beer becomes more common we will likely have to keep on searching for some of the lesser known brands that employ eco-practices.


How to choose eco-friendly beer

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Scraping the beer barrel

Unfortunately, not every brewery supports eco-friendly processes, but, things are changing. You may find it difficult to always think green, but, until more environmentally responsible brands are available and affordable in local pubs or shops, try your best to support green beer in some of the other ways mentioned above.


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