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Pest control is cause for anyone to be concerned about how the products will affect you, the environment, and your family, pets, and wildlife. While many people consider this when using pest control products in their gardens by choosing products suitable for natural or organic use, safe pest control indoors is just as important. Luckily there are several types of naturally derived products available to keep you and your family safe while getting rid of bugs.


Choosing naturally derived pest control products

There are a number of ingredients you should watch for when choosing a safe pest control products, and it can be a bit confusing to sift through them all. They can be found in a wide variety of products for use around the home and in garden on vegetables and flowers.

You will mostly find natural pest control products split into two categories: botanicals and minerals. Botanicals and minerals have a very low level of toxicity to people, plants, and animals if used correctly, but keep in mind that many of these products are poisons. Use the same safety techniques associated with synthetic pest control chemicals.

Here is a quick list of common ingredients and what they might help control in your home or garden:


Botanical derivatives

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Adrian Paine

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  • GreenTerry

    Great to see you mention essential oils for pest control. I discovered Greenbug last year that has an active ingredient of cedar ( It is amazing and completely got rid of my ants in no time yet is food-grade safe. Then I bathed my dog with it and it killed her fleas. Always want natural options if possible!