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5 Effective Green Cleaning Products You Can Make At Home

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Residential cleaning products are notoriously toxic and unnecessarily expensive. Families can save the environment and their budget by making these simple yet effective cleaning products from home and reduce indoor pollution and exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals. Ingredients for these green cleaning products are found conveniently in your own pantry. No need to battle traffic or parking at your local shopping center, just pick up a few extra items on your next grocery shopping trip and you will be on your way to a greener, cleaner home at a fraction of the price of commercial cleaning products with these green cleaning tips!


Your Green Shopping List:


Tile, Tub, & Sink Cleaner

You can keep your bathroom from smelling like a school gym without harming your health or the environment. Many commercial janitorial cleaning companies and popular over-the-counter cleaners use fragrance-laden chemicals to disinfect and cover up offensive odors commonly found in bathrooms and fitness centers. You can get tiles, sinks and tubs just as clean by sprinkling baking soda or Kosher salt on the area and scrubbing with a damp sponge. Stains and mildew can be eliminated simply by soaking the area with lemon juice or white vinegar and allowing it to set for a few minutes and then scrubbing with a stiff brush. The vinegar and lemon juice will also absorb odors, making your bathroom smells as fresh and clean as it looks.


Window Clean Up Made Easy

Cleaning windows is one of the most rewarding ways to use green cleaning methods. All it takes is some water, white vinegar, and an old newspaper. First, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to a gallon of water. Next, pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray the window thoroughly. Finally, polish, don’t wipe, the window dry with crumpled newspaper. The paper is still recyclable and your windows will sparkle! If the vinegar smell is bothersome, baking soda or club soda can be used in the same way.

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Fabulous Floor Cleaner

Keeping floors clean is easy with green ingredients. After sweeping up debris, simply add ½ cup of vinegar to a gallon of warm water and mop the way you normally would. No chemicals, no perfumes, just a clean, shiny floor for only pennies. If you have wood floors, damp mopping isn’t such a good idea. You can use the same solution, however, and simply spray it onto a cleaning cloth, rubber band the cloth to your dry mop and wipe up all those dust bunnies, dander mites and grime for a wood floor that lasts beautifully for generations, without harming the environment.


Inoffensive Oven Cleaning

Commercial oven cleaning products are one of the worst culprits for toxic fumes in the home and the task is rarely pleasant, but these steps can make oven cleaning as inoffensive as possible while still getting the job done. Of course, prevention is worth its weight in gold when it comes to oven cleaning. Lining the bottom of your oven with aluminum foil can reduce the need for serious cleaning, simply replace the foil when it collects drips and spills. Also, some ovens offer a self-cleaning setting which bakes the oven at extremely high temperatures, turning spills into ash that is far easier to wipe up. If your oven needs some serious cleaning and you don’t have a self-cleaning oven, you can still use high heat to make the cleaning job easier. Set the oven at its highest temperature for 15-20 minutes, making sure to turn the overhead fan on. Then allow the oven to cool to a comfortable temperature and wipe out as much as you can wipe damp sponge. Next, for those stubborn, caked on messes, create a paste with baking soda and water and smear it on, leaving it to sit overnight. The next morning, those baked on spills will wipe away easily without any toxic fumes.

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All Purpose Green Cleaner

Rather than adding aerosols along with the perfumes and toxic chemicals found in many commercial all-purpose cleaners, you can make your own simply by combining ½ cup vinegar and ¼ cup baking soda (or 2 teaspoons of Borax) in ½ gallon of water. Pour into a spray bottle and use as you would any commercial all-purpose cleaning product.

Nearly all of these natural cleaning supplies can be purchased in bulk at a fraction of the cost of commercial and residential cleaning products. Cleaning your home with these natural ingredients will protect your health and the environment, while keeping your home looking and smelling its best.


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