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You don’t need to be a die-hard environmentalist to lead a green lifestyle. Here are some of the ways you and your family can go green in your everyday lives.

energy efficiency myths debunked

19 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked [Infographic]

Climate change is becoming a real and scary threat. Over the last couple of years, we have seen numerous temperature records thanks to our increasing energy demand and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Studies have shown that...
green roof apartment

Simple Ways of Turning your Roof into a Model of Green Living

Many people start on renovating the roof when they want to reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably. Not only will you be doing Mother Nature a favour with your eco- friendly roof, you’re...

Make Your Own Honey with Backyard Beekeeping

Imagine having your own source of honey in your backyard. You can have it anytime you want. How do you do it? Are The Odds In Your Favor? Deciding to be a beekeeper is a little...
nest thermostat

Saving Energy at Home with Thermostat Temperature Zoning Systems

A home thermostat is typically a single unit in a house or apartment that is capable of being programmed with different temperatures for different times of the day. A home with a temperature zoning system expands on...
valentine’s day candy

6 Ways to Have a Sustainable Valentine’s Day

For most of us, Valentine’s Day is devoted to love, but for the environment, Valentine’s Day is bad news. The billions of cards that are sent contribute to deforestation and most end up in landfills. Did you...

How To Install Solar Panels on A Sailboat

Make the most of the sun’s energy when you’re out on the water by installing solar panels to your sailboat! This is an in-depth video on how you can install a solar panel system on...

5 Things You Should Do for Your Garden in 2017

As the garden is in the dormant phase during the beginning of the year in January and February, it would be a good time to prepare the earth for the growing season. This is...
install solar panels on house

9 Tips to Make Installing Solar Panels at Home Easier

Installing solar panels for your home is a relatively new and popular kind of home improvement that’s taking North America by storm. Solar panels boost the value of your home, and provide enough savings...
rooftop solar panels

How to Choose the Right Residential Solar Panel System

Before you decide which home solar power system is right for you, you have to consider your available sunlight, required system size, economics, and the local permits you’ll be required to have. First, you have...
business team

How Going Green Can Improve Employee Engagement

There’s no denying it, the American workforce has evolved to a point where they no longer view work purely as a way to collect a paycheck. With jobs having become an integral part of...