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taco skins with fresh avocado pico

Vegan Taco Skins with Avocado Pico

This recipe for taco skins with avocado pico takes minutes to come together, using ingredients that are typically already in your pantry and fridge. This makes preparing a quick and healthy snack or an appetizer...
willa walker

Willa Walker Review: Teaching Toddlers to Walk with Sustainably Sourced Materials

Isn’t it great when you find a product that meets that desirable consumer trifecta of being good to the maker, good for the consumer and good for the planet? The Willa Walker, an infant walking...

The Benefits of Eating Superfoods – Infographic

Superfoods are the latest craze for people who are trying to eat healthy and make food choices that also limit our impact on the planet. Superfoods are also referred to as “nature’s medicine”, in that they offer...
coffee cup in bedroom

Essentia Pillow Review: A Toxin-Free Slumber

If we took the time to break down the materials present in all of the household items we use each day, we would undoubtedly be shocked by the number of toxins hiding beneath our...
picnic lunch box

Pack a Picnic and Get Outside This Summer

Too often we spend our summers thinking of all the activities we should be doing rather than getting out and doing them. Spending more time outside with family and friends would probably top most...
greener ideal vegetarian giveaway products

Vegetarian Prize-Pack Giveaway

We’ve partnered with the makers of some of our favourite plant-based foods for an awesome giveaway to kick-start your vegan or vegetarian lifestyle! Keep reading for more details. When it comes to “saving the planet”...
starbucks coffee drink

Energy Depleting Foods to Avoid [Infographic]

Rounding out your diet with foods that are both healthy and good for the environment can sometimes be challenging. When you’re short on time, foods that come in individual wrapped servings can be a lifesaver,...
sunflower oil

5 Simple Tricks to Fight a Cold Naturally

It seems that the cold and flu go hand in hand with the shifting season. As the weather turns and the seasons change, atmospheric pressures, damp climates, air conditioning or dry furnaces always do...
your child is what you eat

Breastfeeding: A Natural and Eco-Friendly Choice

When it comes to being a new parent, there’s so much information out there on what to buy and how to do things. Everyone from your coworkers to in-laws has endless advice, even when...
Klean Kanteen lifestyle

Enter our Klean Kanteen Giveaway! #BringYourOwn & Save the World One Sip at a...

#BringYourOwn is the brainchild of Klean Kanteen, a company wholeheartedly devoted to reducing environmental waste, and preserving our planet. Best known for their durable, stainless steel canteens, Klean Kanteen is now shedding light on the huge amount...