The World’s Most Fuel-Guzzling Countries [Infographic]

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Fuel guzzling countries

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Despite renewables playing an increasingly bigger role, fossil fuels like crude oil are still one of Earth’s leading (and depleting) energy resources.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that global consumption of crude oil will grow from today’s levels of over 89 million barrels a day to 105 million in 2030. Not only is this unsustainable, it has a huge negative impact on the environment contributing to global warming and climate change.

To help comprehend our insatiable appetite for crude oil, Eco2 Greetings has created an interactive map showing the daily oil consumption of each country across the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly the US takes the top spot guzzling almost 19m barrels of crude oil a day. Sitting just behind in second place is populous China which consumes over 10m barrels on a daily basis.

With Earth’s crude oil reserve declining and our consumption increasing it’s obvious that we need to do more to reduce our reliance on oil. As this map shows, some countries clearly need to do more than others, but the fight against climate change is a global one that every country and person needs to be a part of.

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