Trees & The Environment: Why Our Life Depends On Them [Infographic]

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What trees do for us is amazing. They give so much and ask so little, yet often we do not appreciate them enough.

Check out this infographic from Capital Garden Services for more information on how trees give us the life we so cherish.

One example: a single tree can keep a family of four breathing from the oxygen it produces. This really is an incredible statistic. That little tree you might be seeing out your window right now is contributing to keeping you — and three other people — alive.

People in urban areas will know that the air quality can often be poor because of the lack of trees in the area. It can often be a big relief going to the countryside where the air is cleaner and you are surrounded by trees.

Big cities need to focus on planting more trees on the streets or set aside areas for trees as it will improve peoples’ health.

Trees don’t just provide clean air in urban areas but also help with noise pollution and provide excellent shade.

Find out more about all things trees in the infographic.

trees environment infographic

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