Why We Should Stop Throwing Away Coffee Cups [Infographic]

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Like many people, your morning commute features that stop for your daily java jolt. You go through the drive-through or wait to hear your name called in the café for that tall, venti or grande coffee with a double shot of whatever it is you fancy.

And once your cup is empty, it’s tossed in the trash until you can get your fix again with a new cup.

With 54% of people drinking coffee daily, unfortunately, those cups are stacking up. Less than one in 400 cups are recycled, and the rest spend about 20 years in a landfill before they decompose.

The good news is there are many other options available.

From paper cup to mug and everything in between, this infographic breaks down the pros and cons of each option.

It also offers a variety of fun facts about coffee, including the different types of beans, their origins, and the various unique flavors available.


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