The global demand for energy is growing exponentially year on year as countries develop and their population’s increase.

From industrialization of Western economies to the expansion of global and local transport, fuelled by coal and oil, the unprecedented rise in Western living standards and the rapid industrialization in China, energy demands are continuously growing, and the supply and where it is sourced from must change to fit demand.

Despite the need for more energy, driven by growing economies in developing nations, the way we’re sourcing it has changed dramatically due to the emergence of more efficient fuels and technologies.

The use of coal and oil is reducing whilst Solar PV is quickly increasing and is expected to grow 11.7% by 2050. Following Solar PV is wind at 6.4% and hydro at 1.4% showing that more eco-centric methods go hand in hand with the levelling trends occurring in fossil fuels, with demand for these expecting to drop off after 2030.

By looking at the peaks in global fossil fuel demand and the reduction in energy use intensity, Roof Stores have found the issues to address and how countries perform against the Energy Architecture Performance Index.

Take a look at the emerging energy trends and find which countries are using them most effectively in the infographic below.


This infographic has been provided by Roof Stores UK
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