saving energy at home

Most homeowners know that saving energy is a great way to save money, however not many know all the secrets to it. Incorporating energy-saving habits into your routine can not only help your wallet but also be great for the environment since it reduces air and water pollution. 

Here are some home energy-saving tips that you can add to your routine:

1. Keep Your Fridge Stocked

Keep your fridge stocked since they are more efficient when they are full and it can be a waste of energy to cool it when empty by overworking the motor. 

2. Defrost Your Freezer

Make sure to defrost your fridge regularly, since ice can obscure your freezer’s temperature sensors and make it work hard to cool. 

3. Use Dishwasher

You might think that dishwashers waste a lot of water and energy, however, it’s actually the opposite. Using an energy-efficient dishwasher and letting it air dry can be better than washing your dishes with running hot water. 

4. Don’t Charge Devices Overnight

A lot of us are guilty of putting all our gadgets to charge while we sleep. Since most devices only require a few hours to charge, there is no need to keep them plugged in all night

5. Use Smart Plugs

Technology has been helpful for saving energy as well. Smart plugs and power strips allow you to control your power usage through an app and turn off outlets to prevent wasting energy. 

6. Install Low Flow Showerhead

Hot showers can be great and therapeutic, but can also waste a significant amount of energy. Installing a low-flow showerhead will require less heat to operate and save you energy and water. 

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7. Air dry Clothes

Adding a drying rack to your laundry room can also help you save energy and prolong the life of your fabrics. During warmer times for the year, hang your clothes out to dry, and tumble dry them on low heat during colder months. 

8. Only Wash Full Loads

Planning your laundry loads to wash full loads can also be beneficial to save energy. When washing a full load of laundry you help your machine perform better and you cut down on the number of times you do laundry. 

9. Opt for Efficient Electronics

There are many smart and efficient electronics in the market today. Opting for those will help save you energy at home as well. 

10. Upgrade HVAC System

If your budget allows, upgrade your HVAC system. Upgrading it can cost you some money upfront but help you save money on your energy bills since newer HVAC systems are more energy-efficient. 

Do you want to learn more about how you can save money on your energy bill throughout the whole year? Check out HomeAdvisor’s infographic below for some more home energy-saving tips for every season:




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