Discover something new about our planet and environment – or learn how you can go green and live sustainably – with this collection of the best environmental infographics.

    zero waste homes

    Zero Waste Homes – Infographic

    Zero waste homes produce little or no waste. Achieving that milestone, however, might seem insurmountable. These tips will take you a step closer.
    drinking water

    4 Contamination Sources Polluting Our Drinking Water

    Drinking contaminated water poses a great health risk. Here are some of surprising sources of water contamination.
    hand holding lightbulb

    How to Electrify Your Home (Infographic)

    The “electrify everything” movement is a trend that aims to reduce carbon emissions by converting gas-powered technologies to cleaner electricity. While not all electricity is clean yet, steps are...
    kitchen garden

    How to Create a Kitchen Garden – Infographic

    Gardening brings a sense of achievement and accomplishment. The infographic details the best ways to start and create a thriving kitchen garden.

    How to Make Your Office More Sustainable [Infographic]

    Greening at the office might be harder, especially if you have people who have a different devotion to how much they want to go green. This infographic gives you some inspiring ideas to get started.

    Rainforests of the World [Infographic]

    Here is an infographic which profiles some of the world’s most important rainforests and outlines some information about the ecological and animal life that exists in these regions.

    Passive Housing: A Smarter Way of Living [Infographic]

    Did you know that passive housing can help you save 90% of the energy that you’d use in a conventional home? Or that a building must use no more than 15 kilowatt hours of electricity per square metre in a year for it to obtain passive house status?

    The Environmental Aspects of an Energy Efficient Home [Infographic]

    There are many simple steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient. This infographic covers all the basics of turning your home into an energy-friendly abode. 

    Creating an Off-Grid Lifestyle [Infographic]

    This infographic illustrates ways to live off the grid, along with the anatomy of an off-grid home.

    Excess Energy Consumption: The Dark Side of Blockchain Tech [Infographic]

    Cryptocurrency can raise a cause for concern from an environmental standpoint because the redundancies built into the system mean that a lot of that energy is wasted. Going forward, it is something that will need to be seriously addressed.


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