An Introduction to Hydroponic Gardening [Infographic]


Ask people what makes plants grow and they may come up with the similar reply: soils.

Right answer, but that’s not the only one. The garden can be grown soilless, in a water-based environment. As long as you can provide plants with sufficient nutrients, oxygen and lights, they will survive and can grow better than the soil-counter part.

The method is called Hydroponics. With hydroponic gardening, growers can grow plants all year round regardless of the weather and the surrounding conditions. You may have seen some kinds of it in your nearby greenhouse. In fact, it has been used widely to produce fresh vegs in the commercial greenhouses as well as at home.

This infographic below will tell things you need to know about hydroponics – what it is, what benefits hydroponics can give.

Also, You will also get to know the main types of hydroponic systems and how they work. And best of all, you will learn what plants you should start with Hydroponics.

Hydroponic gardening is such a relaxing self-reliant efficient method of growing food throughout a year that every outdoor and indoor gardener should try.

hydroponic gardening