How To Set Up an Indoor Herb Garden in Your Kitchen [Infographic]

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Whether it’s that you don’t have a backyard or you just want to add a little greenery to your kitchen, setting up an indoor herb garden has so many benefits. Growing your own herbs in your kitchen is a wonderful hobby, promotes healthy and creative cooking and spruces up your interior! 

Owning and caring for indoor plants has been proven to have a positive impact on your mental health and it doesn’t take much to set up an herb garden in your kitchen. All you need are pots or planters, potting mix and a few small pebbles, baby herbs from your local nursery or seeds to grow the herbs from scratch.

Indoor Herb Garden – The Basics

Pick a sunny spot, like a windowsill, in your kitchen so the herbs will get enough light to grow and develop their delicious aroma. If your kitchen is on the darker side, you can always invest in artificial, fluorescent lighting to help your herbs grow indoors.

Pick pots or planters that have drainage holes at the bottom and make sure to place a saucer or tray underneath so excess water and dirt don’t ruin your countertops. Adding small pebbles to the bottom of your pots before filling them with potting mix and planting the herbs of your choice will further help with airflow and root health. 

While herbs look pretty on a kitchen countertop, they may take up too much space in a smaller kitchen. You can always grow them on a windowsill or install a vertical garden where you hang the planters on the wall. If you opt for a hanging garden, cut up a sponge and add a piece of it below the pebbles. The sponge will soak up excess water so it won’t drip out the bottom and will also help with keeping the roots of your herbs healthy.

If you can’t wait to set up an indoor herb garden in your kitchen, check out the guide below. It illustrates the best herbs to grow as a beginner and how to care for them so they’ll thrive indoors. Consider what dishes you love to cook and that can be elevated with some fresh herbs.

Are you a fan of tacos? Some fresh cilantro will definitely be a wonderful herb to grow. If you’ve always wanted to make your own pesto from scratch, add a basil plant to your herb garden.

Picking herbs that you love will make this project one you’ll enjoy for a long time!

best herbs to grow in your kitchen
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