Going green at home? It’s probably pretty easy—a recycling bin, re-usable bags for the grocery store, even skipping straws when you’re ordering out.

But greening at the office? That might be harder, especially if you have people who have a different devotion to how much they want to go green.

However, there are ways that you can use going green to improve your office’s eco-system and also to encourage people you work with to function as a superstar green team.

For example, something as simple as adding plants to your reception area or offices offers some great benefits—cleaning the air and just bringing in a bit of green to the workplace.

If there are magazines or newspapers that aren’t being read anymore, or your office can share in a digital subscription, go for that.

What else works for creating a greener office? This infographic gives you some inspiring ideas to get started.

This Infographic is Provided by ZeroCater


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