What it Means to “Electrify” Your Home – and How to Do It

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The “electrify everything” movement is a trend that aims to reduce carbon emissions by converting gas-powered technologies to cleaner electricity.

While not all electricity is clean yet, steps are being taken to help clean up the grid. Homeowners are preparing for this clean energy movement and electrifying their homes by switching all of their gas appliances to electric ones.

From drying your clothes to heating your bathwater, our homes use a lot of energy. For those who want to reduce their carbon footprint, the next step after conserving and reducing energy use is to clean up the sources it comes from.

Unfortunately, most electricity production still uses fossil fuels and contributes to pollution. However, at least half of homeowners already have the option to purchase clean electricity in the U.S. and that number is growing.


Why electrify?

In 2018, energy consumption reached an all-time high in America. Although we get our energy from a variety of sources, this increase in energy demand is causing concern. The push to prioritize renewable energy sources is more important than ever if we want to reduce carbon emissions and live more sustainably.

As electricity continuously gets “cleaner,” homeowners, businesses, and local governments should be ready to utilize it. From living off the grid to electrifying your home, there are many innovative ways to live a more sustainable life.

The infographic below gives an overview of the electrification trend and ways you can make changes in your home to reduce your carbon footprint.

How to electrify your home

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