Electric vs. Fuel Cell Cars: Which One Is The Future of Green Motoring?

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sustainable car fuels

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In 2020, there is no question that making sustainable switches in purchasing can make a positive environmental impact. If you are thinking about this, you’re certainly not in the minority with findings from a recent IBM consumer study in partnership with the National Retail Foundation showing nearly 60% of respondents were willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact.

This focus on sustainability appeared to be a consistent concern across age groups as regardless of age the respondents spoke of the relative importance of sustainability and health attributes.

So no matter what age, you’re not alone in thinking about what you can do to make a difference.


Sustainable Transportation

Transportation is one of the biggest barriers to making sustainable “green” lifestyle changes. It’s an essential part of our every day life such as work, shopping, and travel.

Yet, transport has a huge collective sustainability impact with this sector in the UK and the US having more of an environmental effect than any other, producing 28.9% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US in 2017.

Cars form a core part of nearly everyone’s transportation mode. It’s how you commute to work, move children between activitiess or tour with family. As such, how do you minimize your car’s environmental impact.

You probably know that there are increasingly more alternative sustainable car fuels in the market with the BBC saying that, “For those continuing to use a car, choosing the most fuel-efficient model available can make a big difference.”

With this in mind, this infographic from First Aid Wheels is designed to assist you with learning about two sustainable car fuels, and how each can contribute to the future of green motoring. Here’s a look at how electric vs. fuel cell cars stack up. You’ll learn the benefits, and essential sustainability features to consider.

sustainable car fuels

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