There’s more to living in a four-walled home in the middle of the suburbs (although there is nothing wrong with that). But it’s important to keep sustainability and energy efficiency, and having an Eco-friendly home is important during these times. Earth-sheltered homes are built with the environment and comfort for the inhabitant in mind. These homes are both Eco-friendly and come with many benefits.

The ability to provide a consistent temperature throughout seasons is one reason as to why earth-sheltered homes are massively advantageous. Not only does it provide maximum comfort for anyone living in them, but it also provides massive savings in the energy department, as there are fewer reasons to turn up or down the thermostat.

Likewise, they are naturally Eco-friendly by their very nature. As they coexist with the natural earth around them, earth-sheltered homes are less environmentally invasive, allowing a more coherent connection between the infrastructure and the environment surrounding it. This natural connection helps sustain the existing ecosystem in the area.

And there’s much more that goes into them! For more information on earth-sheltered homes, BigRentz compiled all the information about them into an easy to understand infographic that you can check out below.


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