Did General Motors Lie About The Number of Cars They Sold in 2011? [Infographic]

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GM claims more than 9.03 million in car sales in 2011. By this figure, it would beat out VW, Nissan and Toyota. There is a dispute over the claim, however, that would knock GM down to number four.

Is GM lying when it includes sales by Wuling, the Chinese firm that has loose ties with GM? If it is lying, then 9.03 million drops by 1.2M to about 7.7 million, still a very respectable figure. That would make it only the fourth highest in new car sales.

VW can claim more than 8.156 million in sales. It dominates the large German and Brazilian markets and makes a strong showing in many other top markets.

Nissan with 8.1M and Toyota with 7.9M both maintain their high market share with good showings in most major markets. Nissan is strongest in the Russian market. Toyota maintains a nearly 20 percent market share of the plus-12M cars sold in the U.S.

Does it matter which car manufacturer claimed the top honor in 2011? It certainly does seem like it means something to GM if they were willing to adopt someone else’s figures in order to inflate their own.

GM has the largest market share in the USA and Brazil, which are countries numbers two and three in terms of global sales. With the Wuling figures removed, it would still be considered the top seller in China, the country that purchased 18M new autos in 2011.

Is this half-truth just for advertising claims?

GM Car Sales 2011 Infographic

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