kitchen garden

Gardening brings a sense of achievement and accomplishment. However, most people fail to create kitchen gardens. They make the mistake of getting too involved too quickly and then become disheartened because they’ve taken on too much and they’re put off my differing results.

It can also be a costly hobby. It’s better to start slowly and plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

Furthermore, beginners need to understand some basic gardening terminology and basic equipment. The infographic below from Crowe Sawmills covers everything you need to know before you begin your gardening journey.

The infographic highlights some possible starting points in terms of plants, herbs to point you in the right direction. It details basic need to know terminology you need to know including covering the topic of soil among others.

Furthermore, it focuses on easy and easy to understand starter gardening equipment technology.

Finally the infographic includes 6 starter tips to assist your gardening journey! Check out the full details below and good luck on your new gardening pathway!



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