The Case for Conservation Friendly Construction [Infographic]

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Conservation Friendly Construction

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It has become increasingly clear that we must adapt our approach to construction so that it’s more environmentally conscious. This is not only a case of utilising green energy and adopting sustainable building materials, plans must also account for the wellbeing of the local ecosystem.

1 in 10 UK wildlife species faces extinction while 47% of urban species are known to be in decline. This isn’t surprising as 68% of our impact on biodiversity is considered to have a negative impact.

Even though urban areas take up just 7% of the UK’s total land area, they’re home to 80% of its population. Having such high densities of people means that there isn’t much space to properly co-exist with nature.

Thankfully, there are solutions being developed which will allow us to coexist peacefully with our native wildlife.

Roof Stores has gathered data on the ways in which conservation-friendly construction methods can protect the UK’s fragile ecosystem in the infographic below.

This infographic is provided by roof stores UK.
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