What If Solar Was Subsidized Like Fossil Fuels?

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As if there already weren’t enough good reasons to switch to solar energy, here are a few more. The infographic below shows what it would be like if solar energy were subsidized in the same way fossil fuels were.

The solar infographic was created by 1BOG.org (1 Block Off the Grid), and is an attempt to show how much of an impact a small change would have. The text in the graphic reads:

Over sixty percent of electricity in the U.S. is created by the burning of coal, an energy source that will enter a terminal production decline in just 20 years. Skeptics say that solar can’t compete on price without public subsidies, but the history of coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power shows that no energy sector was ever developed without subsidies. Coal couldn’t have competed with wood, steam or watermills as an energy source without subsidies.

The simple truth is that unless we start subsidizing solar and other renewable energy sources in a big way right now, the United States will run out of its main source of electricity in just two generations. We have an opportunity to make a historic shift from subsidizing a dirty, dead-end energy source to clean, limitless one. And subsidizing solar won’t just replace coal. It will bring down the cost of electricity overall, enhance national security (by making us more energy independent), and create thousands of jobs in the process. Contact your Congressperson to express your support for solar energy subsidies today.

If this doesn’t convince you solar energy is a good idea, then I don’t know what will!

What if Solar was Subsidized like Fossil Fuels
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