3 Reasons You Should Install a Water Filter In Your Home

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How many times a day do you come into contact with water? Whether for drinking, cooking, or washing, water is the most fundamental element of our lives – yet we rarely consider what’s floating inside the water we consume. 

Installing a water filter in your home is the perfect way to simultaneously improve your drinking water while lowering your environmental impact. A good water filter will also save you money on drinking water costs. 


1. Environmental Benefits

Nearly 22 billion plastic water bottles end up in U.S. landfills annually. That’s roughly 700 bottles every second. These bottles take around 300 years to decompose. Meanwhile, each bottle has around 80 chemical contaminants that leach into groundwater. 

Not only will a water treatment system remove contaminants for better-tasting water, but it will also help you consume fewer plastic bottled waters.


2. Health and Safety

Many people assume that bottled water is safer to drink, or “cleaner,” than tap water. Yet, municipal water suppliers are subject to far stricter water safety standards than bottled water manufacturers.

For example, regulations stipulate that city tap water can have no confirmed E. coli or fecal coliform bacteria. Meanwhile, the presence of fecal matter contamination is not prohibited for bottled water.

The water coming from your tap has likely been subject to far more rigorous testing than that of bottled water. Adding a point-of-use water filter could help remove any remaining impurities. 


3. Household Savings

A gallon of bottled water can be up to 10,000 times more expensive than a gallon of tap water, according to industry estimates

Rather than overpaying for bottled water, installing a water filtration system can supply you with quality drinking water for a fraction of the cost. According to HomeAdvisor, switching to tap could save you around $450 per year on drinking water expenses alone. 

Installing a water filter system can be good for the environment, your health, and your wallet. There is a wide range of options available online, or you could find a local water treatment professional who can help you pick the perfect system for your home.



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