green manufacturing

In the last decade alone, the demand for the manufacture of goods worldwide has risen to a new level; resulting in tragic levels of C02 emissions being pumped into the worldís atmosphere. In 2010, there was 33,000 tonnes of C02 released into the atmosphere as a result of manufacturers. If we donít reduce this number, these greenhouse gases will change the world for good through climate change. So, what are companies doing in the way of green manufacturing? This infographic investigates this, whilst looking over the numerous positives of turning to a deeper shade of green.

Through this infographic you can find out what consumers are saying to green companies; their demands for greener products. The promise of safety, health and energy saving and even during an economic downturn they still demand green products are just some of the insights that this research has revealed about consumers. By looking through this infographic, you as the consumer will realise that you have the power to make companies more eco-friendly through your individual stance; for manufacturers are now realising that people respect eco-friendly companies, preferring to spend their money on them rather than a company without any green policies. Companies will learn the value of being greener and the benefits this brings to a more sustainable future.

green manufacturing infographic


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