It’s Friday – So Why Not Work From Home? It’s Good For the Environment!

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The good news is that today is Friday. The bad news is, you probably still have to go to work at your office.

But given recent technological advances and adoption of telecommuting tools, an increasing number of employers are giving their staff the ability to work from home, as it’s not only good for productivity and morale, it also helps the surrounding communities and the environment as a whole.


For The Community

How is it good for the community? Fewer employees driving to the office results in fewer cars on the road, which means that the people who still need to drive can get from point A to point B with less traffic congestion. This has a number of subsequent benefits to the health of the community and its residents, as well.


For the Environment

The resulting benefits for the environment are obvious – fewer cars and less driving means a reduction in carbon emissions, and less air pollution (which in the summer time, can make a huge difference). According to the infographic below, if the number of people who could work from home did, the effects from a single day of telecommuting would save 423,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from being emitted into the air.


For Morale and Productivity

40% of U.S. jobs could be carried out from home, and the infographic below asserts that telecommuters are on average 10 – 20% more productive. Think about the impact this could have on the output of workforces! Not only that, but telecommuting staff have a better quality of life, closer relationships to family, and 25% less stress than their “working from the office” counterparts.

Think it’s time for your office to implement a new telecommuting or working from home policy? Check out the full infographic below for more details to bring to your company’s attention:


work from home fridays infographic

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1 thought on “It’s Friday – So Why Not Work From Home? It’s Good For the Environment!”

  1. Hi Ian. I enjoyed this article and I agree with all the benefits you mentioned about telecommuting. I’ve been working from home 100% of the time for the past 3 years and I can say that I’ve found several advantages so far. I always thought it’s great for the environment: no need to take your car to go to work and I don’t need to print anything any more so I’m saving a lot of paper (and trees!). And it’s also great for using the time I would spend commuting, doing something else like exercise, read a book or spend some quality time with friends and family 🙂


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