The Guide to Eating Super Foods to Improve Your Health – Infographic


These days, getting healthy seems almost impossible! Expensive protein powders, fancy meal plans, and over the top gym memberships all add up quickly and when you look at the hefty price tag it’s easy to think, “Maybe next year. . .” However, the best way to change how you feel starts right at your grocery store or your local farmers market – and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do it.

Healthy lifestyles start with the foods you eat. If you’re constantly ingesting bad-for-you foods, no gym membership in the world is going to make you feel better.

However, if you give your body the nutrients it needs and deserves, it will reciprocate the love. More energy, less weight gain, and better brain performance are just a few of the ways you’ll start to feel healthier, fast.

A super food is generally a food that is especially dense in nutrients. From our past article, What Makes a Food a Superfood, we said:

For example, some small foods are packed with so many vitamins or antioxidants that they are as rich in nutrients as a whole plate of others.
Hence the name; superfoods deliver on key nutrients in a way that puts them far ahead of other, less nutrient-rich foods.

To ensure you’re including as many superfood as possible in your diet, check out the infographic below by Skintrium, and next time you’re grocery shopping, pick up a few of these superheroes. Getting healthy never tasted so good.

superfoods infographic


Blueberries, quinoa, salmon, steel cut oats, coconut oil, greek yogurt, and more. All of the options can lead to a delicious and super-healthy meal – so which of these superfoods will you be sure to include in your next meal?

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