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Over the last few years we’ve all made small changes to make our lives a little bit greener. Some of us have installed programmable thermostats in our homes while others have started to ride bikes to work once in a while instead of driving. We recycle our cans, bottles and papers, and we turn the lights off when we aren’t using them. Whether you do it to save the earth or just to save money, you can also make a few adjustments that can make your move a whole lot greener.

Did you know that you can make a huge difference just by recycling your moving boxes instead of throwing them away after your move? Whether you store them in your basement for next time or bring them to the local recycling plant you can save trees, water, fuel and more just by taking a moment to recycle. My Move created this infographic to show movers just how much of an impact recycling moving boxes really has. Visit My Move today to learn more.

Save Trees and Recycle Your Moving Boxes Infographic


6 Tips for Eco-Friendly Moving
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