How Small Changes Can Make Big Carbon Savings [Infographic]

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It is not always easy to live a more environmentally friendly life and, for this reason, many people do not really attempt to do so but one man is out to change that. Steve Waller, more commonly known in the blogosphere as Green Steve, has set out to show the simple and effective ways a person can reduce their carbon footprint.

He lives across the pond in the UK and he has conducted some research into the carbon footprint of a British favorite – drinking tea. It turns out that Brits drink an enormous amount of tea and coffee each day and because 98% of these are made with milk, the resulting greenhouse gas emissions total some 4.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

So, the first easy to implement change one can make is to drink one fewer mug of tea or coffee each day. Collectively the UK could save enough emissions to effectively take over 325,000 cars off the road by reducing their consumption per head of population from 3.77 cups a day to 3 cups a day. That is a phenomenal saving achieved by a tiny change in any one individual’s behavior.

I can’t wait to see what Green Steve comes up with next but for now, enjoy his infographic in its entirety.

Small Changes to have Big Carbon Savings Infographic

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