What Happens to Used Printer Cartridges?

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According to this article, in Australia 18 million printer cartridges were thrown away in 2005 alone; adding to the thousands of tonnes of e-waste which end up in our landfills every year.

Improper disposal of printer cartridges can have a detrimental effect on the environment as the cartridge itself may contain elements which are toxic to the earth, while residual ink contains volatile organic chemicals which are harmful to humans, air, and water.

As a result, the government, private organisations such as Planet Ark, and different business establishments like Cartridges Direct, are encouraging everyone to recycle their printer cartridges.

Through the recycling of printer cartridges via appropriate recycling centers, the negative effects and risks on this e-waste ending up in our landfills can be greatly reduced.

Find out what happens to used printer cartridges by checkin gout the infographic below.

Recycle printer cartridges infographic

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