Limiting Home Energy Usage: a Visual Guide to Home Energy Savings

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Everyone is trying to conserve electricity these days. Often, there are slight adjustments that you can make to your home and office that result in huge differences in the long run. But what if you’ve tried these? Multiple laps around the house to make sure all the lights are turned off is only going to be so effective.

It’s the same with being the “shower cop” – banging on the bathroom door when your wife has used more than ten minutes worth of hot water.

What makes a real difference is curbing technology-related power usage, such as buying an energy efficient model of that new flat screen, or using a lighter setting on that new dishwasher – the one with the heavy-soil, hi-temp wash cycles. Being mindful of technology’s effect on your home’s energy consumption can provide a great place to start saving cash fast. Have a look at these and other great ideas.

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