Why Water is the New Oil – Infographic


Water, flowing free and abundant from a kitchen tap, is something we all take for granted.

But consider this: the average American household uses rou 350 gallons of water every day. Compare that to the world’s poorest, who survive on a mere 2.5 gallons a day.


Lakes and reservoirs are drying up

Brazil, sometimes called the Saudi Arabia of water, is currently experiencing a severe water shortage in it’s largest, most industrialized city Sao Paolo. Some residents are going days without running water, and in turn have begun digging DIY wells around their homes.

The problem begins with environmental degradation and carries on to a lack of investment in water infrastructure. According to the New York Times, more than 30 per cent of Sao Paolo’s water is lost to leaks in aging pipes.

The problem of leaky pipes extends to the United States as well, where it’s estimated that about seven billion gallons of water are lost every day in this pipes.

In fact, about 30 per cent of the water infrastructures that serves cities of 100, 000 or more people is at least 40 years old.

It’s a serious problem that will only become worse with time.

Check out this beautiful infographic by Column Five about America’s very real water crisis.

Water Conservation Infographic