You probably didn’t know how bad food waste is for the environment


Almost one-third of all food produced in the U.S. in 2010 was ultimately thrown out. That kind of waste represents a serious problem for both the environment and your family’s pocketbooks.

Food waste, in fact, is the leading source of garbage in landfills and accounts for a staggering 17% of American methane emissions.

Much of the problem stems from the near ubiquitous Best-Before labelling systems, a voluntary measure introduced by manufacturers in the ’70s largely for shelving and inventory purposes.

These labels are not the final voice on food safety, but rather general estimations of a product’s freshness.

You can reduce your footprint, and your family’s grocery bill, by considering food before blindly tossing it out. Trust your eyes and nose when judging the quality of your food.

Food Waste Infographic

Hopefully these tips help you adopt new food storage practices!